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Window Cleaning

Looking for a professional window cleaning service? With years of excellence, we are proud to announce our specialized services for all types of windows cleaning.

Window Cleaning

We promise 100% quality of service and satisfaction guaranteed for the windows we clean.

We operate on the principles of performance, quality, and excellence to build a large community of happy customers through effectively cleaning the windows. Guaranteed  for the windows we clean.

We at Kingston Window Cleaners are offering our window cleaning services in two domains. One is a residential window cleaning service, and the other is a commercial window cleaning service. In the first one, we cater to all the windows of the homes or residential buildings to give them a cleaner, shinier, and tidier look. On a commercial level, we render our window cleaning services to companies, organizations, schools, hospitals, universities, shopping centers, and all commercially operating institutes.


To ensure proper and in-depth cleaning of windows, our window cleaning strategy comprises the following three core components:
1) CLEAN: The first and foremost important core component of our strategy in properly cleaning the windows is to have clean water. You will fail to clean your windows properly if you fail to use clean water. Thus, we use the carbon-filtered water to crystal clean your windows that result in shiner and brighter windows than ever before. We ensure that the water for cleaning the windows is free of any dirt or dust particles as well as of harmful chemicals. It is crucial so that the water spots may not leave bad stains on the windows along with the dust particles residue on the glass.
2) SAFE: Being safe is the second core component of our strategy for window cleaning. Window cleaning must be done with the right tools and equipment to deal with the windows. As windows are made up of glass, so one must take special care to clean them. Moreover, the commercial windows are very tall that no one can approach them through hands for cleaning them. Our company ensures that our dedicated workers use highly safe methods for cleaning the windows of every kind. We provide them with specialized equipment and tools to ensure being safe while cleaning the residential and commercial windows. Thus, we provide safe and secure windows cleaning without any loss, injury, or damage.
3) BETTER: The third core component of our strategy is to perform in the most effective and better way for deep cleaning. Our highly skilled and trained workers love to do their work and ensure excellence in every step they perform. Through using their knowledge as well as specialized equipment, they can better clean your residential and commercial windows than anyone else. After having our services, you will enjoy the cleanest and shiniest windows just like they are new ones.
high rise building window cleaning in progress
professional window cleaners during work
Wondering why you must choose us for your windows cleaning? Here are the top 5 reasons for it!
  1. Professional and Trained Staff
Every member of our company has expertise in window cleaning, and they have been recruited after specialized methods to ensure quality staff. We also keep on training our members regarding how to perform various windows cleaning services and test their capabilities. Additionally, due to working on a large number of windows cleaning projects, we know every do and don’ts of our work. Through this way, our professional and trained staff ensure top-level performance and excellence in window cleaning.
  1. On-Time Services
The most significant reason for choosing us is that we provide on-time services. You will never have to face any delays in our window cleaning services. Our dedicated team members will approach you on the exact date and time and start the work as required. Furthermore, we always ensure the element of efficiency in our services to provide you with the fastest window cleaning. In this way, you will get your windows clean within a short time.
  1. Rescheduling of appointments
Another most appealing reason for having our window cleaning services is that we also offer the rescheduling of appointments. Sometimes, it happens that a person books the appointment but then become unavailable on the scheduled time. If you are ever stuck in such a situation, you can quickly reschedule your appointment with us. To do so, you can call us and discuss the matter to reschedule your appointment. We will set a new date and time for your window cleaning based on your availability.
  1. Effective Communication
You will be happy and fully satisfied by having the communication with any of our agents. We have a particular focus on effective communication and practice this in everyday dealings. No matter whether you call us for a query, quote, or to book an appointment, you will get an instant response from our side. Furthermore, we can resolve all of your issues in the blink of an eye and will keep in touch with you until you are fully satisfied.
  1. Competitive Prices
Last but not least, we offer the most competitive prices that are within the affordable budget of our customers. Window cleaning is not a one-time task, but the windows need continuous cleaning after every short period. We know that most of our customers find it hard to pay high prices for ongoing windows cleaning. Therefore, we have set our prices within the range of our customers so that they can have our services as many times as they want without worrying about the budget.

Hiring Our Services VS Cleaning by Yourself

Are you confused about whether you should hire our professional windows cleaning services or clean them by yourself? Here is the best answer to help you reach a final decision. So, for cleaning your windows, do you have all the tools for it? Having the right tools for cleaning the windows is very important because it is the only way to clean your windows properly. There are different types of windows with different types of mirrors. Every window and every mirror requires different kinds of cleaning techniques to reach the desired results. If you choose to clean your windows with a sponge/cloth or window cleaner, are you sure about this specific type of cleaner is right for your window? Furthermore, directly applying a cleaner on the window and rubbing with a sponge may result in creating scratches on the glass of your windows.
In contrast, our professionally trained staff at Kingston Window Cleaners will use special techniques for cleaning your windows. They have different types of cleaners and carbon-filtered water to clean your windows. They have all the tools to clean your windows from every corner so that they will be ultimately dust and dirt-free in the end. Our professionals will not directly apply the cleaners and start rubbing your windows, but they will follow a unique step-by-step process to get the desired results. In the end, your windows will spark and shine like just the new ones, and you will love seeing them.
If you choose to clean the windows by yourself, there are higher chances that you fail to properly clean them from top to bottom. As a result, the dirt and grime will stay there on the edges of your windows. The prolonged dirt and grime on windows is the best habitat for the micro-organisms to grow. As a result, you and your family will start facing negative health consequences such as skin or respiratory issues, due to the germs growing on your windows and migrating to your interior from there.
On the other hand, our professionals are capable of cleaning every corner of the windows. In this way, they effectively clean all the debris, dirt, dust, and grime from them. As a result, you will be able to live in a germ-free and a completely hygienic environment without getting ill off and on.
For commercial window cleaning, one must have to approach the glass on higher standing windows for cleaning purposes. If you are running a company and choose to clean its windows by either yourself or by asking any of your workers, will you guarantee your/his life or injury-free cleaning? There are numerous cases when a man sacrifices his life through falling own from a considerable height while cleaning the commercial windows. Even if your windows are not at much height, do you think that cleaning them without hiring a service would result in scratch-free and in-depth cleaning? Obviously, not.
In order to help you out in such situations, we have a highly skilled team of professionals who adopt safest and securer methods to expertly deep clean your commercial windows. Through their specialized techniques, you will never face any problems regarding their being injured or in the context of damaged or scratchy windows.  Therefore, we highly recommend to hire our services for perfectly cleaned residential or commercial windows at the most economical prices and without any stress.